Troubleshooting: IP Networks

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Module Length: 1 Credit Hour
Approved for CEUs by: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee, New Jersey

In this module, we will take a look at the basic tools you should have available to you when troubleshooting. We will also discuss general techniques that you can use to effectively troubleshoot any system. A systematic approach using the right tools and the right mindset can turn an intimidating and daunting task into a series of simple steps.

At the conclusion of this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Identify common network topologies.
  • Compare and contrast IP addresses and MAC addresses.
  • Identify and run the appropriate network cabling.
  • Make common terminations using the appropriate standards.
  • Use common network testing tools.
  • Troubleshoot network problems from both cabling and hardware standpoints.


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Course Demographics
Course Length (min.) 60 Video  NO
Mobile Friendly YES Audio  YES
CEU Approvals
State Hours Special Instructions
Louisiana 1
Mississippi 1
New Jersey 1 Click HERE for Details
South Dakota 1 Click HERE for Details
Tennessee 1
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