ProSeries Level 1

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These module covers the product line of ProSeries as well as the panels and peripherals along with connectivity options.



Describe the different panels and devices on the security panel

Explain the features and specifications of the security panel

Describe how to connect through Wi-Fi Z-Wave communication module or wireless takeover module

Describe the touchscreen and keypad user interfaces

Identify the Total Connect 2.0 improvements for ProSeries

Identify the ProSeries features and updates added to the panel

Recall the recent features added to the panel via OTAs and firmware upgrades by the engineering team

Identify the peripherals used by our dealers when installing a security system

Recall many of our life safety devices and zone expanders

Describe the indoor motion viewer and features of new video products

Describe the Alexa integration with ProSeries

Describe Bluetooth Z-Wave integration with ProSeries

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