IP Networking - Network Transmission Mediums

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Module Length: 1 Credit Hour
Approved for CEUs by: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, New Jersey

In this module, we will discuss in detail the various mediums that a network may use to transmit data.

There are three basic mediums used to transmit data; Category and coax cabling, Fiber optic and Wireless. Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages, and we will look at the practical applications of each.

When you complete this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Properly identify, run and terminate Category network cabling,
  • Identify, run and terminate coax cabling
  • Identify and run fiber optic cabling,
  • apply wireless technology in your installations and,
  • choose the correct applications for each of the transmission mediums we've covered.


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Course Demographics
Course Length (min.) 60 Video  NO
Mobile Friendly YES Audio  YES
CEU Approvals
State Hours Special Instructions
Louisiana 1
Mississippi 1
New Jersey 1 Click HERE for Details
Tennessee 1
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